Webinar Report:  Community Gender Transformative Approach to end FGM and GBV


On 1 September 2023, COP FGM organised a training webinar on the Community Gender Transformative Approach (ACT) as a tool for involving men in ending female genital mutilation.

The aim of this webinar was to introduce the methodology of the ACT approach and enable participants to gain an in-depth understanding of this approach and how it promotes the involvement of men in the fight against GBV/FGM.

The Community Gender Transformative Approach (ACT) is a strategic approach that aims to tackle gender inequalities by working directly with communities. Founded on principles of inclusion, participation and empowerment, ACT seeks to empower individuals and create lasting changes in social norms and power structures that lead to harmful consequences such as female genital mutilation.

The Community Gender Transformative Approach is much more than a one-off intervention – it is a process of profound transformation that requires the commitment and cooperation of all members of the community.

The strengths of this approach lie in the fact that: Before starting the ACT process, it is essential to understand the target community (married men, unmarried young men, married women, unmarried young women), identify specific gender issues and form a competent team that will organise dialogue sessions with the community to raise awareness, educate and engage members in discussions about gender equality. This is how to achieve real transformation, which aims to create concrete change in the community by putting in place, with the public authorities, actions and initiatives that challenge sexist norms and behaviours.


The webinar have been recorded and is available for replay. You can watch it again below:

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