World Mental Health Day 2017

[français en dessous] The Community of Practice on FGM celebrates World Mental Health Day ! The care of women and girls affected by FGM is not only a matter of surgical reparation - it is also about psychological, sexological and social care. That is why the CoP has a special focus on Psycho-sexual and social [...]

Webinar « Accompagnement pluridisciplinaire des femmes concernées par les MGF » vendredi 30 juin

La Plateforme web UEFGM, en partenariat avec le projet "Building Bridges against FGM", le GAMS Belgique et le centre CeMAViE à Bruxelles, a organisé un Webinar (conférence en ligne) sur le thème "L'accompagnement pluridisciplinaire des femmes concernées par les mutilations génitales féminines". Pour suivre le Webinar en direct, il suffit d'avoir accès à une connexion [...]

« Towards multidisciplinary support for women affected by FGM »

In some countries or regions, the treatment offered by health centres (public or private) to women and girls who have undergone FGM was for a long time limited to purely medical aspects: treatment of a complication, surgical operations (deinfibulation, removing a cyst…). However, we believe that it is important to consider the individual as a whole and that it is preferred to take into account the general welfare by proposing complete and varied support to the persons concerned, thus not only physical, with medical care, but also psychological and sexual.  Indeed, the World Health Organization defines "Health" as «a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity » .