This tool focuses on the sustainable engagement of men to put an end to FGM.

The practical sheet was developed with the input of the members of the COP through thematic discussions and the workshop on men involvement held in 2023.


The practical sheet comprises of three main sections namely, the introduction, current situation of men involvement in project, programmes, challenges and strategies to involve men with a gender transformative approach.


Content collection for the tool was done during the thematic discussions and more particularly when COP FGM organised an online training on the sustainable involvement of men to end FGM at the request of its members. This training provided a space and a platform for sharing and learning from those who have applied various promising strategies. The training was led by Seydou Niang, a trainer and specialist in field activities with men’s groups on gender issues and gender- based violence such as FGM.


The objectives of the training were to discuss the different methods and channels for working with men on FGM, to address the challenges of involving men in the fight against FGM, and to map out avenues and make recommendations based on the trainer’s field experience.


During the thematic discussions, members share a few observations. The participants confirmed that they were working with men, which shows the importance of including men in the creation of strategies to abandon FGM.  Among other important factors, the tools shows the pros and cons of various group dynamics and different settings of men involvement in projects. 


The tools points out key challenges and strategies such as men sustaining the interest in the issue of FGM on a long-term basis, when it is generally considered to be a women’s issue.


This tool is dynamic and offers solutions needed by community activists and orgnisers on some important aspects of their work.


This tool and all the tools previously developed during the year 2023, dedicated to men engagement for the creation of sustainable communities and free of FGM will be presented during a webinar that will take place on the December 6th 2023, at  2pm CET.

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