The thematic discussions, launched every other month, aim to favor knowledge and the sharing of good practice between the CoP FGM members. They are held in both in French and in English on the CoP internal Google group. 

Desk research is conducted on the selected topic by CoP moderators. Information and resources are gathered from various sources such as publications by NGOs, international and national organizations, academic literature as well as interviews with key stakeholders. A summary of the desk research is shared together with questions for discussion withthe  members (on the internal group) and made available for a larger audience through social media and the CoP website.

Experts on the topic are invited to participate in every discussion. Their role is to actively support the debate, answer member’s questions and participate in the sharing of knowledge by bringing their expertise to the topic.

The collective knowledge generated by the thematic discussions is summarized on the website under this section. You can also propose a topic for discussion by emailing the moderators



Currently discussed topic

Men involvement with a gender transformative approach to end FGM

Female Genital Mutilation affects girls’ and women’s health and well-being. Unlike other types of gender-based violence, which are mostly perpetrated by men, FGM is often (but not always!) practiced by women in the family and/or community. As a result, in early programs dealing with FGM, men were often side-lined. More recently, however, we have come to understand the importance of engaging men and boys in the fight against FGM. In fact, given their power in their communities, men and boys are often seen as central actors with important potential to influence the prevalence of FGM in their communities.

In fact, there are many reasons to why FGM is also a “male issue” and why men should get involved in this work.