Launch of new discussion: Law & FGM

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Let’s discuss progress on the legal situations on FGM around the world since 2019

The CoP is launching a new discussion on Law & FGM 

In July and August 2019, the CoP on FGM organized a thematic discussion on the subject Law and FGM. Given the importance of having strong anti-FGM laws and the common critiques against how these laws are (not) implemented it is maybe not surprising that this was one of the most active discussions in the history of the CoP. In 2019 we shared information about legislation in different regions and also collectively addressed some of the strengths and weaknesses of anti-FGM laws. 

Today many countries have legislation criminalizing the practice of FGM. Since 2019, several countries have also seen legal evolutions, including Sudan where an anti-FGM law was passed in April 2021 and Egypt where the law was amended. In Mali, activists have taken the question to the ECOWAS in order to finally get a law in the country with 91% FGM prevalence (girls/women 14-49 years). 

However, most Asian and Middle Eastern countries affected by FGM, as well as a few countries in Africa (such as Sierra Leone, Mali, Liberia), still lack anti-FGM legislation or have not implemented their legislation (Chad…). As we had seen in 2019, many countries also face issues with the implementation of laws, including limited ownership or knowledge by populations. 

On the CoP website under the topic LAW & FGM you will find information gathered in 2019 as well as more recent data, providing an overview of the legal situation both in terms of international and regional instruments and national anti-FGM law in high- and low-prevalence countries.

What’s the situation in your country with regard to anti-FGM legislation. Is there a law? Is the law implemented? Let us know!