The thematic discussions, launched every month, aim to favor knowledge and the sharing of good practice between the CoP FGM members. They are held in both in French and in English. 

A thematic note with information about the selected topic, resources and questions to debate, is shared with members and made available for everyone on the website. Experts on the topic are invited to participate in every discussion. Their role is to actively support the debate, answer member’s questions and participate in the sharing of knowledge by bringing their expertise to the topic. Discussions end with a summary  and bring to light collective knowledge produced during the discussion.

In this section of the website you can find all the information collected during the thematic discussions. You can also propose a topic for discussion by emailing the moderators.

Currently discussed topic

Intergenerational aspects of FGM

Like any social norm, the practice of FGM is transmitted, from generation to generation. The family and the community are central to its perpetuation, so it is on them that strategies to combat FGM must rely to lead change.
The discussion of the intergenerational aspects of FGM aims to better understand how relationships between generations influence the practice. We will address the relationships between youth and elders, intergenerational trauma, and identify programs to enable intergenerational dialogue around FGM.

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