Cross-border FGM

The discussion on Cross Border FGM in the Community of Practice on FGM started on the 13th December 2019 and ended on 1st of January 2019.

As we know, FGM is a deeply embedded issue in societies where they are practiced. The nature and type of practices vary greatly from one community to another. In recent times, many regions have seen a significant rise in the practice of Cross Border FGM, i.e when girls are taken across a national border in order to undergo FGM.

Thus, the Community of practice on FGM invited its members to discuss this phenomena and the possible solutions to tackle it.

The thematic note which can be found here, explored the practice of Cross Border FGM, mainly in African communities, measures that are supporting the eradication of the practice and those who are further pushing the practice across the borders.

The discussion’s goal was to enhance the understanding of Cross Border FGM in various communities and share experiences and ideas of proactive measures that can be taken to tackle the issue in different settings.

The following questions laid the foundation for the discussion:

1.   Does Cross border FGM exist in your country? Do you have data and proof of the practice?

2.   How can we eradicate cross-border FGM in our communities?

3.  In your experience, have regional laws (such as the EAC Act) had a beneficial effect on cross-border FGM?

The discussion lasted for 2 weeks and brought forward interesting perspectives and understanding of the issue.

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