Medicalization of FGM

Medicalization of FGM, i.e when FGM is practiced by healthcare providers, is a widespread reality in many communities where FGM is prevalent. The Population Council’s report from February 2017 estimated that this practice concerns 26% of women having suffered from an FGM – a total of 16 million women and girls!

In order to promote the exchange of practices and knowledge on this subject, we launched a discussion on this theme on October 08, 2018, with the support of two experts:

  • Dr Kabore, Regional director of Health in the Center-East of Burkina Faso
  • Fabienne Richard, midwife and Director of GAMS Belgium

A thematic note which provides information on medicalization, and questions for the debate, was drafted.


  • What is medicalization of FGM?
  • The opposition to the medicalization
  • How to combat medicalization of FGM ?
  • Resources

This note can also be download in a PDF version here: