Press review July & August 2021

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Every month, the Community of Practice publishes not one but TWO press reviews with the latest news and tools on Female Genital Mutilation – one with English material and one with French.

You can read the press reviews for July and August 2021 by clicking below. 

Headlines of the English press review

  • July – August Thematic Discussion: Law & FGM
  • Anti-FGM Legislation in Africa: A (video) conversation with Equality Now
  • Death of 13-year-old sparks call for action in Somalia
  • Nigeria: UNICEF demands prosecution of perpetrators of FGM 
  • Medicare investigation indicates FGM in Australia
  • ‘I am one of them’: The FGM survivor providing lifeline in LEEDS
  • Critical Intersections: Anti-racism and female genital cutting
  • UNFPA-UNICEF Research Digest: Issue 19 – July 2021

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