Various Structures

Health centres

Medical Psychological Centre Françoise Minkowska – France (Mental health facilities specialized on transcultural care) :

Maison des Femmes  – France (House that welcomes vulnerable women or victims of violence :

Surgery Centre for FGM – US (Multidisciplinary centre dedicated to women victims of FGM) :

Web platform – Blog

Arayaa (Medical information dissemination platform to empower citizens about their health) :

Lorna Andisi – Kenyan independent journalist:

PRONG (Advocacy, research and NGO capacity building platform in Africa) :

Network against Female Genital Cutting – Switzerland (Web platform with information, education and advice :


Crowd2Map Tanzania (Participatory mapping project to promote development and end FGM) :

Fondation NoVo (Organization that invests to advance the rights of women and girls around the world) :

Global Media Campaign (Training, support and financing of anti-FGM activists in Africa to accelerate the end of FGM) :

Stop FGM Middle East & Asia (Campaign to collect information on FGM in the Middle East and Asia) :

Thomson Reuters Foundation (Philanthropic organization promoting socio-economic progress and the rule of law in the world, including a women’s rights component) :