Who are the CoP-FGM members?

The CoP FGM is open to anybody dealing with female genital mutilation in her/his job or activism. Multidisciplinarity is what makes the wealth and strength of the Community of practice.

Medical professionals, lawyers, academics, social workers, psychologists, projects managers, representatives of public and international institutions…  The profiles of the members are very diverse.  In this section you will find more information about the members as well as the moderators of the Community.

Meet the members

In this section we publish interviews and personal stories, highlighting the experiences of members working on the prevention of FGM and the care of survivors. 

Coordination and Moderation

The Community of practice is moderated by a team based in Africa and Europe.

Marianne Nguena


Marianne Nguena is the Coordinator of the CoP and works as coordinator of the Brussels network of the Concerted Strategies for fighting FGM. Marianne describes herself as an activist on gender issues. It is this commitment that guides her every day in her professional and associative orientations. She has a multidisciplinary academic background but focused on the issue of inequalities. Three diplomas have been awarded to her: a master’s degree in law specializing in public law, another in gender studies and another in population and development sciences.

Cynthia Umurungi


Cynthia joined the Community of Practice as a consultant moderator in 2019. She has over 8 years of working experience in the communications, advocacy, community development and non-profit sectors. She has worked with various women's groups and has been able to see firsthand the problems and violence that women go through. Cynthia is a storyteller and conversationalist who wants to use her talent to contribute to the creation of a better world for women and girls. Cynthia is originally from Rwanda and Burundi but lives in Kenya.

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