Research Organizations

28TooMany – UK (Organization that conducts research and provides knowledge and tools to people fighting FGM):

ACCAF – Africa Coordination Centre for abandonment of Female Genitale Mutilation/Cutting – Kenya (Transdisciplinary organization to address gaps in the fight against FGM in Africa) :

African Institute for Health Policy & Health Systems – Nigeria (University Institute on Health Issues) :

CEFOREP (Regional Training, Research and Advocacy Centre on Reproduction Health) :

Centre de recherche sur le genre – Norway (Interdisciplinary research on gender) :

Norwegian Centre for Violence and Traumatic Stress Studies (Research on violence and abuse, forced migration and refugee health, disasters, terror and stress management) :

Migration Institute of Finlande (Data collection and research on international and internal migration) :

Institut Karolinska – Sweden (Medical University dedicated to improving health) :

Pharos – Netherlands (Centre of Expertise on Health Disparities) :

Population Council (Conduct  research on health and development) :