NGOs – Associations

ACCEM – Spain (NGO dedicated to the defence of fundamental rights, the care and support of people in situations or risk of social exclusion) :

AcDev – Senegal (NGO to improve the socio-economic and health conditions of women and children) :

Advocates for Social Change Kenya – ADSOCK – Kenya (NGO that promote gender equality and human rights) :

AIDOS – Italie (NGO that defend and promote women’s rights, dignity and freedom of choice) :

AJCAD – L’Association des Jeunes pour la Citoyenneté Active et la Démocratie – Mali (Association to support youth in multiple fields) :

AMREF Health Africa (Public Health NGO to improve the health of African communities) :

APF – Family Planning Association – Portugal (Specialized association on sexual and reproductive health) :

ATFGM – Association for the termination of FGM – Tanzania (Association to combat FGM) :

Centro Astalli –Jesuit Refugee Service  – Italy (Accompany and advocate on behalf of refugees and displaced persons) :

CLMGF – Belgium (Collective against Female Genital Mutilation) :

Community & Family Aid Foundation – Ghana (NGO promoting the empowerment of women, communities and youth) :

Community Centre for Integrated Development – Cameroun(Organization which aims to advance the rights of communities, women, girls and young people) :

Red Cross – Burundi (National Societies with a gender-based violence prevention programme) :

DSW (NGO specialized on youth and the promotion of SRHR) :

Emayian Integrated Development Organization – EIDO – Kenya (NGO which work with Maasaï communities) :

Equilibres & Populations – France (NGO which improve the rights and health of women and girls in West Africa) :

Fédération GAMS – France (NGO working violence against women and girls) :

FOKUS – Forum for Women and Development – Norway (NGO to improve women’s rights and their participation in society) :

Fondation Rama – Burkina Faso (Structure which assist women who are victims of obstetrical fistula/prolapse , and combating harmful traditional practices) :

FORWARD UK – UK (Leading African women-led organization working on FGM, child marriages and other gender-based violence) :  

GAMS Belgium – Belgium (NGO which contribute to the abandonment of female genital mutilation in Belgium and Worldwide) :

Gender Care Initiative – GCI (NGO dedicated to the empowerment and development of women and young people) :

Human Dignity Foundation – Ireland (Organization against violations of children’s rights, in particular sexual abuse and harmful practices) :

INTACT – Belgium (Association for legal aid on FGM, forced marriage and honour-related violence) :

International Solidarity Foundation – Finland (NGO which aims to create a better world for women through empowerment and the fight against FGM) :

Keoogo – Burkina Faso (Association for the protection of street children, particularly through medico-psychosocial care) :

Maison Plurielle – Belgium (Association against domestic and honour-related violence) :

Médecins Sans Frontières – Swiss (International NGO providing medical assistance to people in times of crisis) :

Médecins du Monde (International NGO providing medical assistance to people in need) :

P&D Factor – Association pour la coopération en matière de population et de développement(NGO focused on the promotion of human rights) :

Plan International – UK (NGOs advocating for the rights of children and girls) :

Respect for Change – Belgium (NGOs that inform and educate on FGM and child marriages) :

Tackle Africa (Organization raising awareness on issues related to HIV, sexual and reproductive health rights and empowerment through football) :

Tanzania Development Trust – Tanzania (Community support organization, with a component on the fight against FGM) :

Terre des Femmes Allemagne (NGO working against all human rights violations suffered by girls and women) :

The Finnish League for Human Rights – Finland (Human Rights organization, which initiated a project to combat FGM) :

The East African Centre for Human Rights – EACHRights (Regional NGO that seeks to initiate and undertake programs that promote, protect, and enhance Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights (ECOSOC Rights) in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania) :

UNAF – Spain (Union de Asociaciones Familiares – NGO that work for the well-being of families, and to prevent FGM in Spain) :

Wadi (German-Iraqi NGO fighting FGM in the Middle East):