Building capacity to use media to address FGM

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The Italian NGO AIDOS has always put a lot of focus on communication in its work to promote the abandonment of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), in particular through training on the use of different types of media. These trainings aim to build the capacity of professionals to address the issue as well as to provide activists with the tools to speak with their own voices.

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Podcasting for social change

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Podcasts are digital audio content available to the listener whenever and wherever they want by streaming or downloading it to a phone or other media device. When podcasts were invented in the early 2000s there were only a few thousand recordings available. Today podcasts have grown to become a big player among more traditional media like radio or tv. There are millions of podcasts available on a range of topics. Podcast as a tool for social change has immeasurable engagement potential. Beyond the chats that comes with every episode, it can affect lives, change minds and move stories beyond measure.

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