Report of the webinar : "innovative financing to end FGM"

Report of the webinar : “innovative financing to end FGM”

 This webinar was held as part of the thematic discussion “INNOVATIVE FINANCING TO END FGM” organised by the Community of Practice on FGM.  

The 16 November 2022 webinar discussion organised by the FGM COP brought together COP members with three speakers to discuss innovative financing mechanisms to end FGM. 

This webinar was an opportunity to deepen and continue the discussions that had been taking place within the group on the topic of Innovative Financing to End FGM. 

It was also an opportunity to share the experience and expertise of the 3 speakers invited to this webinar, namely: a representative of a donor organisation, a very small community-based organisation and a representative of a consortium of organisations.  

Replay of the webinar below


 – Aissatou Diallo, Intercultural mediator, social educator and founder of AHCAMA (Humanitarian Association against Female Genital Mutilation of African Women) Spain

  – Esther Wambui Kimani is the founder of Zamara Foundation, a feminist organisation working to strengthen women’s and girls’ voices in marginalised communities to challenge and transform the status quo. She has extensive experience in feminist leadership development, building movements for social change, and advancing women’s and girls’ rights and advocacy. Esther holds a Degree in Psychology from Egerton University and a Higher Diploma in Psychological Counselling from Kenya Methodist University.

  – Steffie KUEVIAKOE Programme Officer Capacity Building/Synergies, Monitoring, Evaluation & Learning / Program Officer 

XOESE, Le Fonds pour les Femmes Francophones / The Francophone Women’s Fund. 

XOESE is a feminist foundation of public utility whose aim is to support financially and technically the implementation of initiatives of women’s organisations in the French-speaking countries of the Global South.

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