Webinar June 9, 2020: “Supporting women and girls living with FGM: focus on mental health and well-being”

On June 9, 2020, in the frame of our thematic discussion on « Mental health, Well-being and FGM », a first webinar was organised.

Our two speakers, Venoranda Kuboka, children and youth therapist, team leader at Youth Changers Kenya and Farzana Doctor, psychotherapist and survivor of FGM brought explanation on the question.

  • Venoranda Kuboka shared some assessments from her experience as a psychotherapist in Kenya and highlighted obstacles hindering psychological accompaniment of women and girls concerned.
  • Farzana Doctor came back on her own story and healing journey putting forward some common characteristics in FGM survivors’ stories.

A recording of the webinar is also available on the Facebook page of the CoP-MGF, here.

A summary of the webinar gathers the main information shared and issues discussed during it.

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