Prohibition of derogative language

Members stressed that although women and girls sometimes ask to be cut, in order to be respected in their society, a few countries include a provision rendering derogative language against uncut girls/women illegal. This is the case in Kenya. Howver, despite this provision there has not yet been any reported or prosecuted case, possibly due to the fact that women/girls do not trust that their claims would yeild results.

Brenda Dora, Kenya : « My argument has always been that women and girls from these communities have not been sufficiently sensitized and empowered to know that such a provision exists in law and that they are in a position to report such insults and derogatory language to the authorities. In our legal awareness campaigns we endeavor to sensitize the community that they must take full advantage of this legal provision but the feedback that I have had so far from women and girls that I have interacted with is that they do not believe that anything can or will be done even if they report some of the derogatory and abusive language used to refer to them because the society has normalized verbal abuse against women. »  

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