Guinea Conakry & The Gambia – the limits of judicial approach

Guinea Conakry was the first country in the world to have an anti-FGM law. According to one Guinean member, the high prevalence (just below Somalia) « shows the limits of the judicial approach ».

There have been a few public trials in Guinea (around 5 in the last five years) and some sentences against some excisors. However, there have been no judgments of parents of young girls or health staff.

Further, one member argued that sentences have been far below those provided for. Some active NGOs in the country are pushing for further prosecutions. There is also a specific police unit with specific capacities. However, « the chain of judicial procedure operates weakly: « some prosecute and the others punish little and / or very weakly ». »

There seems to have been no official evaluation of the effect of the laws on FGM in Guinea.

In The Gambia, the prevalence is still high, especially in rural areas. It is still predominant in most ethnic groups in the country.

The government of The Gambia implemented a law in December 2015, which criminalizes the practice. However, cross-border FGM is not criminalized. Moreover, although there is a law and advocacy work has been ongoing for decades, there have been very few prosecutions.

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