Cross-border FGM

Cross-border FGM is an issue in Burkina Faso, where families travel to Mali, which currently doesn’t have an anti-FGM law, to perform the practice. It is also an issue in Kenya and The Gambia.

As seen in the Thematic note, several countries do not criminalize FGM performed in another country.

This is the case for The Gambia, for example : The 2015 law « only catered for punishments of individuals and perpetrators of the practice within The Gambia. One vital component that was missing is the issue of cross-border practice. A lot of rural folks now take their children to neighboring regions around The Gambia to do the practice on them. The law has not provided any provision that will regulate such and that amounts to a great set back. »

Kenya: « The most recent challenge that the Directorate of Public Prosecutions in Kenya is dealing with in Kenya right now is on the handling of cross-border FGM cases that are significantly on the increase as communities try to circumvent the law and prefer crossing the border into Tanzania, Ethiopia, or Uganda for the cut. »

A cross-border study on FGM and the law in Burkina Faso and Mali is currently conducted on behalf of Population Council and its partners, within the « Evidence to end FGM / C » programme.

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