Mainstreaming FGM

On November 27th 2018, the Community of Practice co-organised a conference in Paris on the theme « Mainstreaming efforts to end Female Genital Mutilation ». Several members of this Community received scholarships through the CoP to participate in the Conference and share their experience.

We have published a document which provides a synthesis of the arguments on « Mainstreaming FGM » and discussions of the conference. It aims to enable a continuation of the discussion within the Community of Practice on FGM and to collect the experiences of the members.

With the term « Mainstreaming”, the theme of the Conference, we intend addressing FGM in wider programmes, such as those on sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR), gender-based violence (GBV), human rights and women’s rights, and in multiple sectors – such as education, asylum, health, research, law enforcement, child protection. There is broad acknowledgment that mainstreaming of Female Genital Mutilation– is key to ending the practise and in ensuring that all affected women and girls are reached in an appropriate way by services.


  • How can we Mainstream FGM in a systematic way, in different sectors.
  • What can we learn from Gender mainstreaming?
  • Recommendations
  • A few concrete examples which were presented in November
  • Resources

What experiences do you have of « Mainstreaming » and which are the difficulties when integrating FGM in different sectors ?

What are your ideas for a better integration of the issue in the field of health, law, education, media, religious institutions …?

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