Medicalisation of FGM : What can be done?

Medicalisation of FGM, i.e when FGM is practiced by healthcare providers, is a widespread reality in many communities where FGM is prevalent. The Population Council’s report from February 2017 estimated that this practice concerns 26% of women having suffered from an FGM – a total of 16 millions women and girls !

Today we are happy to launch a thematic discussion within the Community of Practice on FGM on this important theme.

We invite everyone interested in participating in the debate to read this note with information and questions for the debate, available in English and French of course!


Do you want to participate in the DEBATE?

If you’re a member of the CoP FGM, all you need to do is log onto the email on which you receive the emails from the CoP FGM google group, and share your thoughts with the rest of the group!

Not yet a member of the CoP on FGM ? No worry ! Becoming a member is easy and quick, just fill in this Registration form !

We are looking forward to hearing everyone’s ideas and experiences ! The debate will last 2 weeks, until the 22th of October 2018.

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