MAPPING : Psychological, social and sexual care of FGM

Given the importance of a comprehensive approach to care, we have decided  to dedicate the first year of the Community of Practice FGM (CoP FGM) to a discussion and a compilation of experiences and good practices on the psycho-sexual and social care of women and girls affected by FGM, living in Africa or Europe.

We have published a description of the Project Context here : « Towards a multidisciplinary support for women affected by FGM ».


  • Different techniques and tools are used when dealing with trauma and sexual problems of women and girls affected by FGM. These techniques/tools depend on contexts, means, experiences, etc.;
  • Professionals in health institutions and field organisations, as well as women affected by FGM can identify needs and gaps in the available care;
  • An exchange of experiences can lead to new initiatives and innovative solutions.

Project Goals:
The overall goal of this project is to generate knowledge about the situation of care for women affected by FGM in Europe and Africa (through an on-line survey), to share knowledge and good practices in order to create new synergies, and to draw up recommendations and proposals for interventions.

Different activities are planned as a part of this project.
One of the steps of this activity is to conduct a « mapping » of the initiatives, projects and multidisciplinary centres that support women and girls who have undergone FGM in a psycho-sexual setting, individually or collectively.
The result of this cartography will feature on the CoP’s blog and will be completed progressively.

If you…

  • …work in a Centre (multidisciplinary or not) which offers support for women who have undergone FGM;
  • …are the director or an officer of a project that aims to increase the well-being of girls/women affected by FGM;
  • …are the director or officer of an organisation providing psychological, social and/or sexual support to girls or women affected by FGM ;

Please complete the survey!

The time required to complete the questionnaire is between 15 and 45 minutes.
You will be able to return to the survey again at a later stage.

If you know of any psycho-sexual support initiatives for girls/women affected by FGM in Europe or Africa please let know us or forward the link to the survey.
We are also interested in recent research on psycho-sexual and social consequences and on support for girls/women affected by FGM/C. If you have conducted or have knowledge of such a study, don’t hesitate to inform us via mail:


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